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I love to spin a good story. My specialty is existential thrillers - usually with a geopolitical twist that parallels the reality of our world. For lack of a better term, there is sometimes a modicum of science fiction weaved into my stories, but it's only "sci-fi" because it hasn't happened yet. Otherwise, you'll find my keynote crime thriller series, the Keeno Novels, as well as some general fiction. Enough to satisfy most any taste. Enjoy the browse. 


An intervention to save us from an extinction event as 

global warming escalates, goes wrong, but one person 

hears a voice from her past, and that voice could save 

us all. A thriller with an edge and a call to action. 

"What an extraordinary book!"

"The Other is an amazing and exciting story!"

“This book was incredible.” 

"Réal Laplaine has written a true masterpiece that is 

hard to put aside..."


 Tanner McNeal and his crew of intrepid space-jockeys have just arrived back from their 16-year long mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, only to find that Earth has changed in the wake of two cataclysmic events, and that men are a dying species, and women now rule. Faced with the dilemma of how to restore balance to what is left of his genre, where a patriarchal society is not only shunned, but considered criminal, Tanner and his crew fight for their existence as Lady V, the Commander and President of New America, uses her full power to rein-in the incipient revolution against her regime, while preparing to launch her secret weapon: WomanEX, the game-changer for the human race.

"...a novel you won’t want to put down."
"A thriller that will shake your world!"
"Laplaine has taken the possible and made it quite probable."
"An utterly captivating and quickly-paced thriller..."
"This felt like fact and fiction rolled into one terrific read." 


"Chock full of great characters, lively action, and adroit narrative, Woman EX  is a novel you won’t want to put down." - Author, Ken Dickson 


Captain Jim Tale of the starship, Evolution, wakes up from hyper-sleep 27 years after rocketing off to E-2, the first mission of its kind to colonize a new world for Earth which is now on the brink of global nuclear war. Jim Tale has no idea what is in store for him. An intrepid maverick with a troubled soul, along with his closest companion, CASS, the most advanced Ai ever created, Jim must now face an impossible task, not only to find a new home for mankind, but to fulfill his deepest desire to discover the truth about existence; was it the Big Bang, was it God, or was it something else - and to that end he must travel to the very edge of the Universe to find the answers. 


 It is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, clearly inspired by the grand masters of the genre, Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein..."
"…this is dystopian sci-f at its best. Highly recommended.”  


 John Ross, a 71 year-old homeless man, has been  walking the streets of his city for 31 years. His true identity is buried below years of grime, tattered  clothing and a grizzly beard - so most either call him  the Buffalo Kid, or just a bum. A broken man, but not  a hopeless one, he leaves his cardboard hut one cold  night and braves a blistering winter wind in search of  food. His stomach aches and growls. Seeing a passerby,  he approaches the man who promptly hands him $50 and  walks away. Shocked by the stranger's kindness, the  Buffalo Kid follows him and soon finds himself caught  in the web of a most bizarre undertaking, one that  will challenge the core of his humanity and test his  will to change his life; a thrill-ride that will not  only force him to face the demons he has lived with  for decades, but a past that haunts him. A story about  our humanity - reminding us that everyone deserves a 2nd  chance.   


 "You'll want to reread this one after finishing it.  Yes, it is that good." "I simply couldn’t put it down.  This surprising story  of a human experiment is a thrilling masterpiece  offering hope for us all! 



Mateus Cordozo is vacationing in his hometown of Afife, Portugal. He finds a quiet stretch of beach, and with a bottle of wine, some local cheese and fresh bread, and two packs of cigarettes, he wraps himself in his coat and braves the brisk wind, as he tries to makes sense of his life, now consumed by a mid-life crisis which is smothering him. His seclusion is interrupted when a rather striking woman appears and asks to sit with him. Taken by her beauty and charm, they engage in a dialogue which soon becomes the most bizarre of his life. She informs him that in a matter of hours, his world will be on the threshold of a nuclear apocalypse, and that he can play a role in preventing it. Meanwhile, across the globe, Chinese forces invade Iran to take control of their oil fields. The military escalation rapidly strikes a threshold when Iran fires a nuclear warhead at Beijing, and as the world watches on in horror, the nuclear battlelines are activated. Mateus is told by his strange guest, that he holds the key to stopping the innevitable debacle that will ensue, but he must act now, or the fate of the world is certain. Already a troubled man, Mateus finds himself caught in the maelstrom, as the reality of the global situation looms, and as his own demons fight back for relevancy.  Is it possible that the fate of the world could rest upon the actions of one man and one woman, in as much as its fate could rest at the hand of the man who presses the button? Twilight Visitor is a geopolitical thriller.


 ​“… a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins.” - Novelist - David Luddington  


Canada doesn't have a suave crime fighter like 007, James Bond. It doesn't have action heroes jumping tall buildings, bending metal, or shape-shifting, but they do have one crime fighter, and he bleeds like you and I. Keeno McCole probably never intended to fight crime, but at the age of four, he witnessed a man strangling the life out of his mother and a young boy who picked up a pair of scissors and stabbed her attacker, set himself on a road to become the criminal's worst nightmare. The Keeno Crime Thrillers follow Keeno McCole and his RCMP team as they take on the big sharks in the sea of crime, taking them across Canada and around the world in pursuit of their man. You will come to love Keeno; he's tough, unrelenting, loyal to a fault, and completely dedicated to just one goal - putting criminals in the ground.

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"Once you read this fast-paced novel that keeps you on the edge-of-your-seat, you will be addicted to Real LaPlaine's character, Keeno McCole..."

"Intrusion is a novel in the mold of James Bond ... it's an alternative to Cussler..."

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