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About Réal Laplaine

Born and raised in Canada, I spent much of my career in the United States working in recruitment, management and as an organizational specialist. I currently live in Sweden, with my wife and two cats.

I pen a crime thriller novel series, as well as geopolitical thrillers (with a twist) - including my signature series, The Out-Step Novels, as well as some general fiction.

I created and oversee an initiative called BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, the ambassador of which is SEE ME NOT, a story about child sex trafficking. This initiative puts the spotlight on global human trafficking as a criminal institution. I provide copies of my book at no cost to NGOs, non-profits, schools and groups who want to spread the word.

I also created International Writers Inspiring Change (iWIC), to spotlight authors around the world.

I am an activist for human and animal rights.

That pretty much keeps me busy - oh, and yeah, I love binge-watching good television series and reading.