A recurring nightmare.

An alien object discovered off the coast of Ireland. 

A race to unlock its secrets. 

Global warming strikes. 

Caught in the eye of the storm, Kaetlyn O’Sullivan is 

faced with her past life and decisions which could 

change the course of humanity. 

A sci-fi and psychological thriller.

“This book was incredible.” - Elaine M.

"An instant page turner..."- Marina Osipova, author of The Cruel Romance


 In this riveting crime thriller, the first in the series, Keeno McCole and his team of RCMP anti-terrorism crime-fighters, take on an attack levelled at breaking Canada’s economy. When a deadly pathogen is released in Toronto, not only forcing the city to its knees and killing off thousands, Keeno and his team investigate and soon find themselves wading in a swamp of political and corporate scheming, where the perpetrators are not waving bayonets in some desert overseas; they are right there, wearing suits and ties, hidden in plain sight. Keeno McCole will win you over with his insouciance and tenacious resolve to take out criminals at any cost.  



Earth Escape - a space odyssey to the very edge of the Universe.

Jim Tale, the Captain of the starship EVOLUTION, wakes up 27 years into their voyage to reach and colonize Earth II, only to discover that NASA and ESA (European Space Administration) have made a critical error: they assumed that no one else was home. Tale comes face-to-face with an alien race who rejects his entreaties to colonize the planet, making it clear that until humans can demonstrate being civilized and not engage in war and hatred of their own kind, they are not welcomed there. Desperate to find a new home for mankind, as Earth itself edges toward annihilation and death by global warming, Jim is forced to move on to yet another solar system, where the thrill-ride begins, as he and his crew encounter strange new alien races and worlds beyond imagination. Jim is also driven by something else, an obsession to find answers to questions plaguing him his whole life, one that eventually drives him to the very edge of the Universe where he encounters “someone” who opens his mind and soul to the very birth of the Universe, and a chance to go back and fix his world before it is too late.  


John Ross, a 71 year-old homeless man, is walking the streets as a cold blustery wind shakes him and an empty stomach growls back. He asks a man for money, who promptly hands him $50 and walks away. Shocked by the stranger's generosity, the Kid follows him and soon finds himself caught in the web of a bizarre test of humanity and a thrill-ride that will force him to face his own demons. 



Deception People is the first book in the Out-Step series.

Troy Evans, a graphic designer in Minneapolis, has a secret. After a concussion as a young boy, he discovered that he could leave his body, at will, engaging in out-of-body experiences, OOBE. It was all fun and games at first, discovering a whole new level of existence, honing his skills and perceptions, a secret life that he never spoke of for fear he'd be labelled an oddball and treated differently. One day, Troy mistakenly comes across a secret meeting of high-level government officials who are planning a major attack on America, one that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park. When Troy tries to blow the whistle, he is taken into custody, classified as dangerous and paranoid, and locked away for psychiatric treatment. With only days until the attack, and desperate to find someone who will believe him, he manages to escape the psychiatric ward. Now begins the race to expose the plot before it is too late, all the while, being hunted by agency men intent on stopping him at any cost.


In the 1970's, a Swedish pop-band named ABBA, swept across the world and changed the culture of music.  Decades later, Morrie Norris, a twelve-year old boy, discovers the iconic band and decides to follow in their footsteps, but first, he needs to get them out of retirement. Morrie devises a plan, runs away from his troubled home in America and makes his way to Sweden in search of Agnetha, the blond singer from the band. In this hearfelt and inspiring story, Morrie faces impossible odds, cynics and naysayers, but he refuses to give up on his dream to see the band perform for the whole world.   


Mateus Cordozo, a bio-engineer, is vacationing in his home town of Afife, Portugal, when war breaks out between China and Iran. He's desperately trying to escape reality in an attempt to reconcile his own midlife crisis, when a strange woman appears on the lonely stretch of beach and informs him that he can stop the imminent global disaster that will result from this war in the next few days.  Twilight Visitor is a brutal geopolitical thriller filled with action, philosophical insights, war, political intrigue and a dash of something else to taunt the reader's imagination. 



Woman EX - a dystopian sci-fi thriller.

Tanner McNeal and his crew of intrepid space-jockeys have just arrived back from their 16-year long mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, only to find that Earth has changed in the wake of two cataclysmic events, and that men are a dying species, and women now rule. Faced with the dilemma of how to restore balance to what is left of his genre, where a patriarchal society is not only shunned, but considered criminal, Tanner and his crew fight for their existence, as Lady V, the Commander and President of New America, uses her full power to rein-in the incipient revolution, calling into play her ruthless army of drones to wipe them out, as she prepares to launch her ultimate weapon, her answer to the “disease” of men, Woman EX. All the while, a small band of resistance fighters sympathetic to the plight of men and opposed to the tyranny of V’s regime, are planning an assault of their own, one that will define who wins in the end, whether balance will be restored to an asymmetrical world, or whether Woman EX, a new breed, will become the future of humanity. 


In 1962, the iconic Hollywood blonde, Marilyn Monroe suddenly and mysteriously dies. Authorities call it an "overdose" but many don't buy it. Fifty years later, when a bizarre solar storm passes over her grave in Los Angeles, her crypt rattles and shakes until she once again emerges, just as whole and beautiful as the day she passed. Marilyn soon discovers she's been given a second chance at life, and she sets out on a mission to tell the world the truth about what really happened to her.  


See Me Not is a literary fiction that tackles an uncomfortable issue in our world today. Inspired by a young girl, the story follows the life of eight-year-old Hann'Sha, who is suddenly sold to human traffickers by a father desperate to feed the rest of his family. For four years she is forced into sexual servitude, raped and pillaged by countless men every day. One day, a young man, so disgusted by her plight, makes it his personal mission to free her from the traffickers, but he soon discovers that corruption runs deep in the culture and that he must face the traffickers himself if he hopes to free the girl; a decision that is more dangerous than he ever imagined. This is a story of desperation and hope, courage and integrity, an ambassador for the countless thousands of girls, just like Hann'Sha, around the world, who do not have a voice.

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