I write thrillers in crime, geopolitical and general fiction genres, as well as some business books, courtesy of my career in recruitment and management.

Like most authors, I draw on a bottomless pit of imagination, sometimes tapping into life experiences to help add realism to my stories; because I know what it feels like to have a gun aimed at my head, a knife put to my back, to be surrounded by thugs on a dark street and the pure adrenaline rush of walking a thin line between life and death.  

I hope you enjoy the read.

Earth Escape - A space odyssey thriller - see it in Asimov's



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The Others is an Out-Step Novel and sequel to The Other

Kaetlyn O'Sullivan wakes up from a coma, surviving a near fatal bullet to her head, only to find out that the alien ship, which only she can access, is still hovering over the coast of Ireland, and meanwhile, global warming continues its disastrous assault on mankind. Kaetlyn will soon be challenged in ways she never thought possible, as world leaders, private global corporations and the military establishment all battle for possession of the alien technology that will most certainly change the course of humanity, that is, if Mother Nature doesn't bring on an extinction event first.

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"WomanEX, by Real Leplaine, is a wonderfully written dystopia..." Russell Warnberg, author



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 SEE ME NOT is about a young girl's battle to escape the hands of sex traffickers. Based on facts, this book helps to expose modern day slavery.  


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