Réal Laplaine

Born and raised in Canada, I migrated to the United States where I spent over 30 years working for a non-profit, travelling the world and engaging in many adventures. I have an extensive background in Human Resources, recruiting, sales and management. 

Inspired by several authors, I began to pen my first works in the late 80's, but I never published until 2009 when my first book, The Buffalo Kid, came out. Since then I have published twelve novels. Over the past ten years of my professional writing career I've come to realize that my unique genre is high-concept thrillers - thrillers that push the edge of the envelope.

Author, Réal Laplaine, speaking about his new book, THE OTHER - a psychological and sci-fi thriller. (2019)

 Author, Real Laplaine tells some of the back story on his writing. (2014)

Réal Laplaine speaking on human trafficking and his book SEE ME NOT. (2012)

 Author, Réal Laplaine, speaking at the European Anti Trafficking Day in Stockholm, Sweden. (2012)

Interview with Réal Laplaine (2011)