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About Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is an initiative inspired by the book, SEE ME NOT, a story about an 8-year-old girl sold into sexual slavery and her struggle to eventually escape the net of human traffickers.  The story is based on facts of what actually happens to children such as this one, and it was inspired by an actual girl.

What we do

Many people have no idea that human trafficking is prevalent today, that hundreds of thousands of young girls, children and women are forced into sexual servitude and forced-labor, every year, by traffickers who are making millions of dollars doing so. The industry is now rated as the 3rd largest illicit activity in the world, next only to illicit drugs and weapon sales.

The problem is ignorance, and the solution is to put the issue under the spotlight.

Quite simply, we send copies of the book, SEE ME NOT, to non-profits, schools and institutions, at no cost, to help raise awareness about this industry of modern day slavery. That's it.

We don't ask for donations. We just ask for involvement.

How you can help eliminate human trafficking

Fill in the form below, with the information about a school or Non-Profit or NGO or institution you know of and think would benefit from having this book in its library, and we will send it out at no cost to you. We're that passionate about the subject.

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