Author, Réal Laplaine introducing two new books


Réal Laplaine introducing two new books on leadership & hiring.

Before launching my writing career, I worked for over 30 years in the management arena in America. I also worked professionally as a recruiter. Between these two professions, I garnered considerable experience and insight into leadership, management and the hiring of personnel. I still work with companies today in certain aspects of management consulting and recruiting. 

These two manuals, 10 Pillars for Successful Leadership - for everyone, and Finding "Perfect" People, were designed to encapsulate over three decades of experience in management roles and as a pro-recruiter, written in simple prose with real-life anecdotes to help illustrate principles offered. 

Short, but packed with practical and relative information, these manuals are economically designed for use in training forums, workshops, seminars and talks on the subjects of leadership and recruiting/hiring. 

ePub, Mobi and PDF formats of both books are directly available through my bookstore.

Paperback and other formats available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Adlibris and many other book sellers around the globe.

Reader reviews:


"A helpful guide to doing the right things to be successful. Real examples relate to several situations, even family life. 

Very applicable to every day life and several sets of circumstances.The author's conclusions are spot on. Micromanaging being one of the worst mistakes a leader can make. Good read."

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