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Réal Laplaine 

Author, Réal Laplaine, introduces his new book, THE OTHER, in his usual flippant style. The Other is the 2nd book in the Out-Step Series

Woman EX - an existential and dystopian thriller. What if men became an endangered species and women took over - what would the world be like then?

 Author, Real Laplaine tells some of the back story on his writing. (2014)

Step aside Bond, Keeno McCole is here and he's Canada's toughest crime fighter. He and his team take on the worst of the worst, spanning the globe. 

The Keeno Crime Thrillers

Earth Escape - a space odyssey to the edge of the Universe. When nuclear war and global warming threatens our world, Jim Tale, Captain of the Evolution, is tasked to reach and colonize a new world, but along the way, things happen.

Angel Eyes

Music against sex trafficking by Clabbe Enblom and Pelle Svensson

Réal Laplaine speaking on human trafficking and his book SEE ME NOT. (2012)

To most, human trafficking is something that happens elsewhere. But to eight-year-old Hann'Sha, it's reality when she is sold to traffickers and is forced into sexual servitude. A story of hope. A voice for the voiceless. See Me Not.

 Author, Réal Laplaine, speaking at the European Anti Trafficking Day in Stockholm, Sweden. (2012)

Deception People is the 1st in the Out-Step Series. Troy Evans has kept a secret his whole life, that he can leave and return to his body at will. But now, he must reveal his secret when he trips across a devastating plan to attack the nation and suddenly finds himself in the cross hairs as he tries to expose the plot before they silence him and it is too late.

The Buffalo Kid.  A 71 year-old homeless man meets a stranger on the street and asks for some money. The man hands him $50 and walks away. Stunned and curious, The Kid follows him and what ensues is not only a bizarre rollercoaster ride, but a 2nd chance at life.

Twilight Visitor:  Mateus Cordozo is vacationing in Portugal when a strange woman approaches and informs him that the world is about to face its worst nightmare and that only he can stop the nuclear proliferation. 

Dead but not Gone:  When a bizarre solar flare flashes over Los Angeles, a crypt rattles and shakes, and finally, a blond emerges, as beautiful as the day she died over 50 years before. Marilyn is back, and when she realizes what has happened, she has a story to tell the world - the TRUTH about who murdered her.

Interview with Réal Laplaine (2011)