Welcome to "Equality - it's our right" - a platform that promotes equality. As an author, I have a strong passion for this subject, and all my books, whether fiction or literary fiction, promote equal rights and challenge the mediocrity that condones inequality. Two books, in particular, are ambassadors for this campaign. Woman EX, a geopolitical thriller, spotlights our world in the near future, one where the pillars of our patriarchal society have crumbled in the face of two catastrophic events, and in its wake, women are forced to pick up the pieces and rebuild the world. It is, in a sense, a study of what would happen if the other extreme were to occur and men became subjugated to the same mentality they have used to objectify women. The second book, SEE ME NOT, is a literary fiction based on facts, inspired by one girl, a story about an eight-year-old sold into sexual slavery, who, after 4 years of sexual servitude, is discovered by a young man who makes it his mission to free her from the traffickers. See Me Not is an ambassador of hope and a voice for the voiceless.

The ambassadors

See Me Not



To most, human trafficking is something that happens elsewhere. But to eight-year-old Hann'Sha, it becomes reality when she is sold to traffickers and is forced into sexual servitude. For four years she lives in sexual slavery, until one man comes along and makes it his mission to free her, and to do so, he must not only go up against the trafficking underworld, but a corrupt law enforcement. This story is based on facts, what really happens to young girls, like Hann'Sha, and while it is fictionalized, it portrays the reality of life for countless thousands of children, young girls and women every year who are caught in this debased web. See Me Not is a story of hope and a voice for the voiceless.  

"Written in elegant prose, it is not only about the ills of humanity, but also about hope and optimism...Overall, it is a good thriller..." Alex Markman, Author

“The only book that gripped my attention in years, thank you for sharing.” 
“We (my company) are too sponsoring Christel House which is a World Wide organization for orphans to get schooling and high level education so they don’t end up on the street or being trafficked. I did this inspired by your book, so thank you for that and keep up the good work of getting word around.”

Woman EX



Tanner McNeal and his crew of intrepid space-jockeys have just arrived back from their 16-year long mission to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, only to find that Earth has changed in the wake of two cataclysmic events, and that men are a dying species, and women now rule. Faced with the dilemma of how to restore balance to what is left of his genre, where a patriarchal society is not only shunned, but considered criminal, Tanner and his crew fight for their existence, as Lady V, the Commander and President of New America, uses her full power to rein-in the incipient revolution, calling into play her ruthless army of drones to wipe them out, as she prepares to launch her ultimate weapon, her answer to the “disease” of men, Woman EX. All the while, a small band of resistance fighters sympathetic to the plight of men and opposed to the tyranny of V’s regime, are planning an assault of their own, one that will define who wins in the end, whether balance will be restored to an asymmetrical world, or whether Woman EX, a new breed, will become the future of humanity. 

"...a novel you won’t want to put down." 

"A thriller that will shake your world!" 

"Laplaine has taken the possible and made it quite probable." 

"An utterly captivating and quickly-paced thriller..."

"This felt like fact and fiction rolled into one terrific read."  

"Chock full of great characters, lively action, and adroit narrative, Woman EX  is a novel you won’t want to put down." - Author, Ken Dickson

"A thriller that will shake your world! Without an exception, the best novel I’ve read in 30 years!" R.M.

By reading and passing these books around to others, you are helping to raise awareness on human rights violations around the world.


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Author, Real Laplaine