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Gerald Smith, a successful man who is living the American dream, arrives to work one day and is told he is being let go from a company he helped build. When he goes home he finds his wife in bed with another man. In a matter of hours, his life is shattered. He stops at J's, a small coffee shop, where he tries to navigate the shattered remains of his life over nine cups of coffee.

Nine Cups of Coffee - a Short Story by Real Laplaine - 26 June 2018 (pdf)


 Frankie, a simple man, spends 24 years of his life writing a book, in the hopes of publishing it as a tribute to his father. But life is tough for Frankie and with the last money in his pocket he takes the final plunge. A touching and inspiring story about timeless love. 

Leaves in the Wind - Frankie's Story - by Real Laplaine (pdf)


 Angileka's Story is a moving short-story about a 22-year-old woman who hires a ghostwriter to tell her story of sexual enslavement at the hands of traffickers, but this one has a twist. 

Angilekas story - by Real Laplaine (pdf)



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