As an author and activist for human rights, I have a strong passion when it comes to human trafficking, particularly when it affects children and young women.

I offer readers the opportunity to help expose this criminal activity by requesting that I donate a copy of my book, SEE ME NOT, to any NGO, nonprofit, school library, local library or other institution of their choosing. There is no cost to you - the donor - just a little compassion and empathy for those locked behind doors.

SEE ME NOT is a story inspired by an actual six year old girl we encountered on the streets of Calcutta, India, where she lived in a trench, homeless, while taking care of her one-year-old brother. I soon discovered that abandoned children, like her, were easy targets for sharks who preyed on such - that is, drug pushers and sex-traffickers, and that modern-day slavery is an epidemic in the world today. 

The book was intended as an ambassador to spotlight human trafficking, and as a voice for those caught in the web of human traffickers. 

Your action and care can help save children, young girls and adults from slavery and sexual exploitation.

Request we send this book as a donation

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