Behind Closed Doors

Stop human-trafficking

Behind Closed Doors is an initiative to help spotlight the issue of human-trafficking. Every year 100's of thousands of young women and children are trafficked and sold, most of them into forced sexual servitude. The ambassador for this initiative is See Me Not, a literary fiction based on fact, a story about one young-girl's challenge to escape sexual slavery and regain her freedom.

To help expose human trafficking and raise awareness on this criminal institution, the author is offering free PDF copies of See Me Not, and, a free print copy to any NGO/Non-profit fighting against human trafficking or violations of human rights and to any library. To get a free PDF, or to request a copy of the book be sent to an NGO/non-profit, or library, fill in the form below.

A thrilling exposé as one man takes on human traffickers to free a 12 year-old girl from sexual slavery. 

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